The Pain Ladder Used While Suggesting Pain Management Treatments

Anyone who studied biology as a subject in school would agree to the fact that human body is highly complex. Every single cell in human body has a specific function to perform. If these cells do not function properly due to any reason, health issues are more than likely to arise. Out of many different health issues individuals suffer from, pain is very common. In most of the cases, pain is a consequence of some underlying health problem. However, in healthcare industry, pain management is a separate field and special doctors are appointed to ease the pain patients suffer from.In routine, pain is a very small word and we use it many times in a day. In medical terms, pain has a different meaning. Doctors have defined different levels of depending on which treatment is suggested to patients. The pain ladder recommended by the World Health Organization is listed here below.•Mild Pain – When the intensity of pain is less then it is put under the category of mild. To treat patients suffering from this type of pain, generally paracetamol is prescribed.•Moderate Pain – When drugs like paracetamol and ibuprofen are not enough to ease the pain, doctors move on to next level of treatment. During such a treatment, combined doses are given to put the pain at rest. If the condition does not improve at this stage, the pain is termed as chronic and some special treatment is done by doctors.•Chronic Pain – Chronic pain is when the level of pain is extreme and unbearable in most of the cases. To treat chronic pain, patients must consult specialized doctors so that they get immediate relief from the problem. While treating chronic pain, doctors use techniques other than prescribing oral pills.Depending on the type of pain, management doctor orange country suggests treatment. Initially, oral pills are given to put an end to pain almost instantly. Simultaneously, doctors conduct tests to diagnose the real cause behind pain. In cases where medicines are not enough, the technique of acupuncture is used. In acupuncture, needles are inserted into different points of body to release. It is noteworthy that acupuncture is a special treatment and only a handful of management doctors in orange country are proficient at it. Apart from acupuncture, psychological approach is also followed to put a full stop to pain in any part of the body.

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