Alternative Chronic And Acute Pain Management

You’re slicing veggies for the soup. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain and blood pours from your finger. Not only do you have blood everywhere, but you have experienced what is called acute pain. This type of sensation is transitory. It is your body’s message to you that something damaging has happened.There is also the continual hurt which won’t go away except with drugs, if they even help. This could be from chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer or another illness. The everyday constant aching of the body is wearing on the emotions.I want to discuss an “alternative” way of handling such physical discomfort.Think of aches, throbbing, piercing or burning sensations as energy. When the energy moves and flows you feel fine. When it gets stuck and congested your body responds with extremely uncomfortable sensations.The various techniques are simple if a bit unusual.Bring your attention to a place your body hurts.Now imagine that hurt as a gray cloud. Imagine you are behind the cloud. Take a deep breath and “blow” the cloud out of your body. Just imagine it leaving your body with your breath.Another way is to literally brush the pain away.Let’s say your hand aches. Imagine that aching feeling as something you can brush away. Bring your hand over the area you want relief. Imagine gathering all that discomfort in your hand and moving it off your fingers and into the air.Do this many times until you begin to feel relief. It’s excellent for those times similar to cutting yourself or slamming a drawer on your finger.You can combine the “brushing” motion with your breath to move the throbbing more quickly.Another way involves what is called a “pain drain.” You can only do this if the problem is not with your hands.Place your left hand where you hurt. Hold your right hand, fingers extended, to your side.Now imagine that your left hand is a suction pulling away all the energy causing problems. Imagine that sensation coming up your arm, across your shoulders, down your other hand, and out your fingers. Some people feel a “bubbling” sensation leaving their fingers.I would use this last technique with a friend who was in end stage cancer. I’d set the “suction” in motion and then we would chat for about 20 minutes. By the time we finished, the morphine patch was able to suppress the severe hurt she was feeling.There are alternatives to drugs. Sometimes you need both.

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